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Depression and 6 common behaviors But patients often don't realize it.

Depression and 6 common behaviors But patients often don’t realize it.

Psychiatric Association of Thailand Identify behaviors of depressed patients that are common but may not be reported to psychiatrists Because they may not realize that it is abnormal, that is, “watch YouTube, Tiktok, or any other short clip continuously for a long time.” Even though it may be

Check out 9 warning signs. "depression"

Check out 9 warning signs. “depression”

During this time, according to the media or various communication channels We will see more and more news about people suffering from depression . Have you ever wondered what the causes of depression actually are? To make the number of people suffering from this disease increase every day. So are we

3 stories about "Depression" that people often misunderstand

3 stories about “Depression” that people often misunderstand

I don’t know if it was a coincidence or not. But this week there have been news stories about patients with depression, many stories at the same time. Most recently, the death of famous artist Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park, who had a huge number of fans in Thailand. When

What causes "eye twitching"? Does it happen often? Is it dangerous?

What causes “eye twitching”? Does it happen often? Is it dangerous?

“Right is bad, left is good” is the idea of ​​people who experience “eye twitching.” Whenever they twitch, they immediately check to see if their eye twitches on the left side or the right side because we believe that. But what actually causes the eye twitch? And if eye