Announcing the 3rd person Ziliakus a Finnish businessman submitting to buy Ghost

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Finnish billionaire Thomas Zilliakus Became a new candidate who came out to confirm the competition for the new ownership of Manchester United. Raising the idea for the Red Devils disciples to own half of the team.

Thomas Zilliakus, Finnish businessman Declared himself as one of the capital groups that have submitted an offer to take over Manchester United. A fragrant club in the Premier League. It is the third group to have publicly expressed interest in a takeover. Following Sheikh Yassim bin Hamad bin Al Thani of Qatar and Sir Jim Ratcliffe. f British billionaire

Announcing the 3rd person Ziliakus a Finnish businessman submitting to buy Ghost

The situation at this time, according to news reports, states that Glazer family. Has extended the deadline for submitting a second bid until the end of the weekend. Expecting both Sheikh Yassim and Sir Ratcliffe to offer no less than £5 billion, or about 210,000 million baht, which will make the Red Devils the most expensive sports team in the UFABET world. 

Recently, however, Silia Kus, founder and president of investment company Mobile Futureworks. “I have made a bid to buy Manchester United together with the fans, who will have equal rights in all sports. No more sheikhs and football governors! Any sports club should ultimately be owned by the fans. Billionaire sheikhs and oligarchs taking over clubs and controlling them as private playgrounds is not a good trend.”

Former president of HJK ​​Helsinki football team 23-time Finnish league champion. Former owner of ice hockey club Jokerit six-time domestic champion went on to say. The current market value of the club is just under $3.9 billion. That means that if all the fans of the club buy the club together. Total value per fan is less than $6. Their bids are held on par with fans. Its group shall fund half of the total amount required to acquire the club. and will ask the fans join the other half through a new company being established for this specific purpose 

“All fans participating in the auction will have access to an app where they can vote to make football-related decisions for the club. And no decision will be made that is not supported by the majority of the fan base,” said a third bidder. Eight have entered the race to own the club.