Breaking another record Ronaldo made 197 caps for the national team.

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Cristiano Ronaldo striker Al-Nasser makes his own history with the most on the field for the national team in the world. After playing for Portugal, beating Liechtenstein in their 197th Euro 2024 qualifier.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the veteran striker of the Portuguese national team , set a new record for himself again as expected. When becoming the player with the most national team in the world with a total of 197 games. After Roberto Martinez, the new coach, sent him to play in the UFABET game in the foi thong army open house attack  Liechtenstein 4-0  Euro 2024 qualifying round Group J on Thursday.

Breaking another record, 'Ronaldo' made 197 caps for the national team.

Before kicking in, the 38-year-old star has served in the national team 196 times, equal to Bader Al Mutawa, the Kuwait national team striker. But he was not named in his hometown team last time. Thus making the team center forward Al- Nasser has surpassed him as sole leader this week and will add even more appearances if he plays against Luxembourg on Sunday.

The former Manchester United player made his debut for Portugal in August 2003 as an 18-year-old. Coming off the bench to replace Luis Figo. In a friendly win over Kazakhstan, he later made a brief return to the U21s before quickly establishing himself as a permanent first-team player. And still on this path He broke the record for most goals scored in men’s football with 118. Before adding two more goals on Thursday to bring his total to 120.

However, Ronaldo is still quite far away. From breaking all-time international playing records in both men’s and women’s football because of the current Christine Lilly. The American football legend. has been recorded that Appeared for her country 354 times, a record that is hard to break.

Portuguese boss Roberto Martinez said Cristiano is a player who is fully committed to the national team. He did not look at his age or other aspects. He has the opportunity to help the team and pass on the experience to the other players. Which if he still has good potential He was ready to give him the opportunity to serve the country.