Newcastle 1-0 Manchester United: Issues after the Premier League game: “Red Devils” show their worst form. It was the 6th loss of the season.

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Manchester United dropped to seventh in the table after losing to Newcastle, resulting in their sixth loss out of their first 14 Premier League games this สมัคร ufabet season.

Newcastle 1-0 Manchester United: Issues after the Premier League game: "Red Devils" show their worst form. It was the 6th loss of the season.

1. The reason why Ten Hag changed the team

Manchester United boss made four changes from the midweek Champions League game that drew 3-3 with Galatasaray.

Luke Shaw stands at center back alongside Harry Maguire, Diogo Dalot stands at left back, while Aaron Wan-Bissaka stands at right back.

The target is Anthony Martial, although Rasmus Hoylund passed his fitness and started in the middle of last week, while Marcus Rashford was moved. Go stand on the right wing while the left wing is Alejandro Carnacho.

”It’s a matter of tactics. And the rotation of players is part of it,” Eric ten Hag told TNT Sports.

”We have to manage all the players, but for Luke [Shaw] as centre-half. He had to run less. As a fullback We expected something different. But something needs to be done about tactics as well.”

“It’s good to have competition within the team. We are at a disadvantage against Newcastle, we play on Sunday. They play on Saturday. We play on Wednesday They play on Tuesday. So we have to rotate. In addition, we also need freshness in the front line.”

2. The better team is the winner.

Eddie Howe’s Newcastle have shown their ferocity, their lust, and the encouragement from their fans has made the players even more energetic.

They give the ball and move. Attack with a quick rhythm, which Manchester United players don’t like like this.

The attack of the “Salika Dong” uses two wings to attack the Red Devils’ two backs, with Tino Livramento (left back) and Kieran Trippier (right back). Fill it up and support it again.

They slowly crushed Manchester United until they scored. Even after getting the lead, they were still looking for a second goal.

That was their entry.

In terms of standing and defending the game They stood together defensively, tight, focused, not making any mistakes and pressing on the Manchester United players from up high.

3. Center-half pair work hard

Harry Maguire is paired with Luke Shaw in the center-half position. One of the main duties of both is They will take turns following each other. Alexander Isak, Newcastle striker

Even though Maguire lost his touch to Isak once early in the game, he blocked Isak’s important shot and helped the team not concede a goal in the first half.

Statistics indicate that in this match he made a total of 6 clearances, 3 blocked shots, 2 interceptions and 3 tackles.

Luke Shaw held his position well. He was really in the right place at the right time and helped block. Helped block important moments many times.

In terms of defense, both players are considered to have performed satisfactorily.

4. Rashford needs to improve his attitude on the field.

It was another game in which Marcus Rashfford played in the right wing role. Which is when he is taken to play such a position? His performance often dropped immediately.

Eric Ten Hag thinks Alejandro Carnacho is currently impressing on the left. There would be no reason to drop Carnacho as a reserve.

Looking at it from another angle, Ten Hag himself wouldn’t dare drop Rashford, no matter how bad he played.

Let’s talk about attitude on the field. During the game, he didn’t pay attention to the defense at all, was slow, really had bad body language. It’s true that you are an attacking player. Their job is to create embarrassment for their competitors. But you have to come in and help the defense as well.

His role in the defensive game is Need to step back to help Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Rashford’s partner is Tino Livramento, Newcastle left back, who can add to the offensive game extremely frantically.

If you have a question: Why is Manchester United’s right-side defense so leaky? Or is it too easily penetrated?

The answer is Rashford’s lack of focus defensively.