What causes “eye twitching”? Does it happen often? Is it dangerous?

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“Right is bad, left is good” is the idea of ​​people who experience “eye twitching.” Whenever they twitch, they immediately check to see if their eye twitches on the left side or the right side because we believe that. But what actually causes the eye twitch? And if eye twitches occur frequently Will it be dangerous or not?

What causes "eye twitching"? Does it happen often? Is it dangerous?

What causes eye twitching?

Dr. Nont Ratnin, an expert ophthalmologist Ratnin Eye Hospital stated that the symptoms of eye twitching It is caused by an abnormally high amount of nerve impulses flowing to the eye area over a period of time.  

Symptoms of nystagmus range in severity from slight twitching to Soon it will go away on its own. Until the eyes twitch until the eyes close. including squinting which is an eyelid condition or eyelid twitching Can be used on both the upper eyelid and lower eyelid  

Risk factors for nystagmus

  1. Eyes are tired from heavy eye use, such as staring at a computer screen. or electronic equipment for a long time
  2. stress, anxiety
  3. Not enough rest
  4. Drink beverages that contain a lot of caffeine
  5. Side effects of epilepsy

What kind of eye twitching is it that is not normal?

In general, if eye twitching occurs Whether it is right or left. It is not considered a serious disease or any danger. But if you have these symptoms You should hurry to see a doctor.

  1. Eye twitching every day for more than 1 week 
  2. There is also twitching in other areas, such as the corners of the mouth. 
  3. Eyes twitching simultaneously on both sides
  4. The eye twitches so hard that it closes. Interfering with work and daily life
  5. There are other abnormal eye symptoms as well, such as swollen eyes, red eyes, excessive eye discharge, etc.

How to avoid eye twitching

Normally, nystagmus is not dangerous. and can heal on its own. But if you don’t want to have eye twitching Can be done as follows ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com

  1. Reduce computer use and less electronic devices If there is a need to use such equipment You should rest your eyes for 5-10 minutes between uses, every 30 minutes – 1 hour.
  2. Get enough sleep or 6-8 hours per day.
  3. Try to relax your mind and not be too stressed or worried.
  4. Reduce beverages that contain caffeine.
  5. Dr. Saman Tangarunsin stated that if the eye twitches very heavily The doctor may consider surgery to separate the blood vessel from the nerve. It is not a cure. But it helps relieve eye twitching symptoms to be less or lighter.